RGB LED strips: an overview

An addressable RGB LED strip is like a one pixel high color screen. You can do awesome things with them: crazy lighting effects, information displays and even low resolution video. There are many different types of RGB LED strips on … Continued

Stripe: announcing the clock of today

“What time is it?”, a question you might answer by glancing at the clock. But does looking at the clock really give you a sense of time? Wouldn’t it be nice do have a different kind of clock? A clock … Continued

8devices Carambola

Lithuanian company 8devices has come up with the Carambola, a small circuit board (35 x 45mm) with a 320MHz processor, some memory and a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. It runs on a flavour of Linux: OpenWrt. Now you might think this … Continued


This is the first blog post in the series that will describe the design process of the Stripe clock. In this post I dive into the concepts of clock time and event time.

Lean Mean Ubuntu Virtual Machine

I use Mac OS X for my daily tasks, but some software just isn’t available or doesn’t run as smoothly on a Mac. To design circuit boards I use KiCAD and for developing my latest product I need to compile … Continued


Thanks for stopping by. Starting from today, the second day of 2012, I would like to welcome you to the Nut & Bolt blog! From now on you can expect regular posts about the following: Design, art, technology and science … Continued