HackersNL #7

Thursday 29 March 2012 I will be talking about Nut & Bolt and Stripe at HackersNL #7 in Utrecht. I’ll be giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes look on what running a one-man interaction design studio is all about. You’ll see prototypes, … Continued

Stripe PCB v0.1

The PCB is the electronic backbone for an interactive product. It connects vital pieces to each other. The Stripe PCB has to perform several functions: power the Carambola, connect Carambola to the LED strip, provide a USB port for future … Continued

Scripting Carambola with Lua

Earlier I told you about Carambola, the small and inexpensive embedded Linux board, and how it’s going to be the brains of the Stripe internet-enabled linear clock. To make an interactive product do what you want you need software to … Continued

Stripe prototype

The last couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time working on Stripe. Designing an interactive product means overcoming many technical hurdles: getting the electronic components to work together, writing software, tweaking the mechanical design. All this hard … Continued

8 Oscilloscopes < €400

An oscilloscope is an essential tool when trying to understand what is going on inside your electronics. It is an expensive piece of kit: even a simple model costs several hundreds of euros/dollars. While it is possible to buy great … Continued

OpenWrt Bootstrap theme for LuCI

Bootstrap theme for the LuCI web configuration interface LuCI is the main web configuration interface for OpenWrt. It is an easy way to edit the device’s configuration files. However, the web interface looks horribly outdated. It’s time for a fresh … Continued

Stripe: a quick illustration

Stripe (you know, the linear clock) is going to have a wooden faceplate. I like wood – it looks good, has good mechanical properties and is easy to work with. Yesterday, I had a nice chat with Dana Cannam. He … Continued